Personal Photo Gallery

This page contains links to some pictures I have taken over the years of my family, friends, hobbies and other things I do besides "Telescoping"



A fishing trip to Rosevellt lake in Arizona with my friend Joe Heying 2001.

Dove hunting with my brother-in-law Wayne Liska, and niece's husband Jim Searls in 2004. We only got 150 or more birds.

Big Waren Searls at a ski trip in Tahoe. He is doing what he does best. Also show is Taylor and Michael.

My son Michael and his friend Justin Miller checking out Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. 2003

My late wife Myla and I over looking the Pacific in Santa Barbara, CA. 2003.

Viewing through the Bock 90" telescope at Kitt Peak, AZ. 2004. What a time!

Michael doing some charity work with the AZ. Cardinal Cheer leaders and friends

Michael playing tennis at Camp Kanacuc 2002.

Jim Searls with his new baby boy Trent. What a proud daddy!

Team Bike Barn at the MS 150 best damn bike ride 2002.

A Sunset from Kitt Peak in July 2004.

Michael and I cat fishing on the Red River in Winnepeg Canada, July 2004.

Michael pulling in another Big Catfish on the Red River, July 2004. What Fun!!

Me saving the world in January 1971, VietNaum.

Another shot of me in VietNaum. Eat your hart out RAMBO!

Some of the old gang.

Me flying a Cobra gunship

Michael and his buddy John riding quads in Arizona.

Michael taking a break after riding his dirt bike.

Michael riding at in AZ. May 2004.

Yes, I ride dirt bikes too.

The Bike Barn Team at a stop for the MS150 November 2003.

Michael and Justin at Westmont College in front of the Science lab.

My Chevey SSR in front of my observatory January 2006.

Michael and Taylor showing off during Ski trip. December 2003.

Top of the mountain skiing at Heavenly Valley. What fun it was. December 2003

Michael's highschool graduation picture

Myla, Michael and myself at a Thanksgiving dinner in CA. 2005.

Michael and Tara (his cousin) in Tahoe skiing Dec. 2003.

Michael with Skippie, and Mattie (sisters) during Christmas 2004.

Deanna, Barbara, Myla and Marylu