Current Photo Gallery of Diffused Nebula (Starting June 2005)

Below are photos that were taken from ClearSkyAZ Observatory.  First light came on June 11th.  I have included test pictures also.  Unless stated, all photos were taken with the RC 12.5" @ f.4.5 (used a .5 Optec focal reducer),  SBIG ST8E camera and SBIG CW8 filter wheel with AstroDon filters.  So photos were taken with the Eplison E210 and the STL 11000 also.  It will be noted on the photo.  Hope you enjoy.

I will be adding more as I get them and re-processing some of these as time permits.. (My thanks to those that helped with the descriptions'.)





Helix Nebula NGC 7293 in false color

Helix Nebula is only 450 light years from us. This was taken with RC 12.5", STL 11000 using Narrow-Band filters. A total of 4.5 hours, 1.5 hours each of H@ mapped to green, OIII mapped to Red, and SII mapped to blue. All were Astrodom filters process with CCDStack and PS. Dec. 4th, 2007