Current Photo Gallery of Star clusters (Starting June 2005)

Below are photos that were taken from ClearSkyAZ Observatory.  First light came on June 11th.  I have included test pictures also.  Unless stated, all photos were taken with the RC 12.5" @ f.4.5 (used a .5 Optec focal reducer),  SBIG ST8E camera and SBIG CW8 filter wheel with AstroDon filters.  I will be adding more as I get them and re-processing some of these as time permits.. (My thanks to those that helped with the descriptions'.)





M45 the Seven Sisters Pleiades

The Pleiades, also known as Messier 45 (M45), are among those objects which are known since the earliest times. At least 6 member stars are visible to the naked eye, while under moderate conditions this number increases to 9, and under clear dark skies jumps up to more than a dozen (Vehrenberg, in his Atlas of Deep Sky Splendors, mentions that in 1579, well before the invention of the telescope, astronomer Moestlin has correctly drawn 11 Pleiades stars, while Kepler quotes observations of up to 14).