My goal was to make the Observatory fully automated.  To that goal I went with an RC 12.5 scope, Paramount ME 1100, SBIG ST8E camera with a .65 focal reducer making the it an F5 system, and SBIG CW8 filter wheel with AstroDon LRGB filter set.  The ST8E camera has a built-in guider, but is not needed most of the time.  The mount will track for over 5 minutes with >2 arc-second error.  I have an SBIG AO-7 that I am looking at adding. 

I also just added an Eplison E210 (Not Shown) for wide field and a new SBIG ST 11000 camera with AstroDon LRGB filter set.



Back of Scope

Paramount ME 1100 mount on pier.

Overall view with Borg 4" refractor.

This configuration consists of Paramount ME 1100, RC 12.5" scope, 4" Borg refractor, SBIG ST8E camera, .5 Optec reducer, and SBIG CW8 filter set with AstroDon LRGB filters.