Observatory Construction Phases:

First came the basic planning phase of what design we would go with.  After much to-do we decided to build two roll-off roof side by side observatories 14' X 16'.  We constructed them so the roof would only slide of 10'.  That would leave 6' under which we could build a warm room. Or as the case may be, a cool room in Arizona.  The pictures below show the different stages.  If you would like more detail please contact myself.



Laying out foundation. 14' by 16' Let the fun begin!

Pier hole with rebar. 3'X3'X 40" deep.

Getting ready for another day of digging. I had to bust my ass to keep up with Bob. He just loves to dig.

We are starting the placment of blocks to hold floor.

Right after pouring the concrete in pier and placing steel suport for mount.

Did framing and siding in one day.

Another view of framing.

Here you can see the 6' warm room in front of the 10' scope room

View of both structers going up side-by-side.

Another view of both OBS

Build supports for the roof to role onto. The roof roles off 10' leaving 6' feet still covering the "Warm" room.

Front view with supports for roof to roll on.

Side view of roof supports.

Back view. Notice window for warm room. This was to let some light in and air flow.

Picture of 4" steel casters rolling on a 3/4" angle-iron. One person can roll the roof off.

Roof assembly

Once the roof was assembled (we had the trusses made to meet city codes) the roof sat on the walls without any support.

View of 4" rollers and 3/4" angle iron that they rolled on.

We left a 4" gap to clear the roof of the warm room and to leave room for the insalation between the trusses and top of the roof.

85% done. Outside is complete but still have sheeting to put on roof and panel inside.

roof rolled off

Mount and scope installed after floor tile was installed.

View of RC 12.5" through the front door.

Completed and ready to start observing. Only took us 4 months of work part time.

Inside warm room looking at control area.

Other half of warm room. Notice the wintch on wall. It is used to rool roof on and off. It was connected to a relay system to automate from compute

Scope in parked position with roof closed.

Ready to start observing. First-light came on June 15th 2004.