Here I am with my lovely bride-to-be Miki and her two beautiful daughters Emily age 12 and Maggie age 6.  We are planning on marrying June 26th, 2009.

I am very blessed to have met her.  I am really looking forward to becoming one family. 

Astronomy background:

Ever since I was a teenager I have had an interest in Astronomy.  My first look through a telescope was in 1963 during a night bike ride.  It was my first look at the moon through a telescope.  I was hooked, but it was not until 1980 that I bought my own telescope and started taking astronomy seriously.  My  first telescope was a 4" reflector that I bought from Mr. Telescope (Jack) at Wilson Camera.  From there I went to a 6", 10", and 17" Newtonian that I build myself and mounted it on a "Super Big Foot" mount made by Pierre Schwaar. (Only two were ever made by Pierre.  One he had and the one I had.)  I used it for viewing and astrophotography for may years. During the 80s it was one of the largest portable astrophotography scopes in the state.  After hauling it around for over 10 years I finally sold it and went commercial.  I have since built my own observatory (Got tired of hauling scopes all over the state.) In the observatory I have a RC 12.5" on a Paramount ME 11000 mount with an STL 11000 SBIG camera and Astrodom color filter wheel.  I have totally automated the observatory so I can run it from anywhere in the country. 

School & Work:

I attend ASU and majored in accounting with a minor in Electrical Engineering.  I graduated in 1970 and then was promptly asked to attend the War in Viet Naum.  There I flew helicopters for Uncle Sam.  After returning home I received my instructor rating in helicopters.  Did some teaching and then opened my first bicycle shop which I ran for a number of years. (Which I still have and run.) Started a computer networking company and then went to work for Honeywell IAC in their IT department for 7 years. I then took a position in their Systems group as a manager and stayed there for another 7 years before taking an early retirement.  (There I learned Process Control Systems. IE a totally automated observatory.)  I currently spend most of my working time at the Bike Barn which I own.

Other Hobbies and interests:

Besides doing astronomy, I have a horse that I like to ride, I am a helicopter pilot, HAM operator (K7QKY), play tennis, ride dirt bikes, bicycle, do archery Elk hunting, and go fishing when I get any extra time.  I also serve on the board at Gompers.  (A non-profit organization helping the physically and mentally challenged.)


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